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Portal Education was initially formed in 2003 and was formally registered in 2009 by Ms. Kishwar (Tina) Hameed. Based on her experience, she envisions the need to promote teacher education in public and private schools in Pakistan. Portal Education comprises Teacher Education Centre English Language Teaching Centre Curriculum Design and Development Centre

These are referred to as PORTAL TEC, PORTAL ELTC and PORTAL CDDC. Valued colleagues with over twenty five years of experience in teacher education (all levels, Early Years, Primary, Middle and Secondary) played key roles during the startup phase, bringing together a wealth of intellectual resources enabling PORTAL Education to organize innovative solutions to today’s education problems in less privileged schools in Pakistan. These individuals are now a permanent workforce and form a think tank at the organisation. In addition to this, these professionals are trainers, accredited by international universities based in the UK. PORTAL Education provides expertise needed to transform the way in which teaching and learning is managed in public and private schools. We develop and deliver high-quality professional development to educators to enhance the quality of classroom practice and leadership in a cross-section of rural and urban areas. The driving force behind our training programmes for educators are questions like

  • What factors influence students’ decision to engage in the classroom?
  • In what way do learners and teachers participate in classroom activity?
  • How do the ever present factors of time and space contribute to teaching and practice in the classroom?
  • How important is the focus of school leadership on curriculum and pedagogy.

We draw on a rich array of sources and research data in planning our programmes. These include conducting a training needs analysis (TNA) for our clients. This helps us to identify the new knowledge, skills and attitudes that people will require to meet their own and their organisation’s development needs.
What do we do?

  • We educate teachers
  • We prepare school leaders
  • We teach English
  • We design and develop new and adapt existing curricula



We have the competence to design and develop training material.

We deliver courses, using state-of-the art resources and theories.

We adhere to stringent quality assurance mechanisms that we have designed and developed ourselves (in the absence of any accredited bodies) to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work.

Our customers/ clients care that they get good value for their money. Currently, even though we are relatively new, teachers and our corporate clients prefer to have a PORTAL certificate because of our growing reputation as effective service providers. Consider the level of customer satisfaction that would be attained, once PORTAL is able to provide certification from accredited sources.



Based in Lahore PORTAL Education has the resources to provide CPD programmes at National level. Our resource personnel are based in Islamabad and Karachi and can be mobilized to form teams as and when required.



At Portal TEC, we have training programmes for classroom practitioners and school leaders. We believe that teaching today is increasingly complex work requiring the highest standards of professional practice to perform it well. It is the core profession, the key agent of change in today’s knowledge society. There is a paradox embedded in our teaching profession – in a rapidly changing society, teachers are often reluctant to change their practices. Teachers fall into a repetitive pattern of teaching in the conventional way in which they were taught when they were at school. This pattern is based on the assumption that students will learn in the same way as the teachers did.

At PORTAL TEC we understand the importance of school leaders and that they can promote change by sharing their vision with their staff. It is their responsibility to create, maintain and develop the conditions which enable pupils and teachers to achieve effective learning. Shared beliefs and values are important in terms of establishing a collaborative relationship among teachers. We view educational change as a complex system and understand the need to emphasize a support network for school leaders. Leadership is critical to educational management and specific preparation is vital.

We believe that teachers are the backbone of a school. The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. The teachers and leaders of private schools in less affluent areas in particular need to be supported in a structured, sustained endeavour.

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