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School Leadership

Conflict ResolutionNegotiation and Conflict Resolution can be completed on a part – or full-time basis, combines theory and applied training to prepare leaders/managers to develop practical models for negotiating and resolving disputes among parties with differing objectives and desires. This 10 hour workshop’s philosophy is grounded in a commitment to interactive, dialogue-based methods of managing and resolving conflict. The focus will be on building common ground, establishing dialogue, applying practical skills, ensuring representation and recognition. It is relevant to those who want to develop further in their current career or switch to a new career that will benefit from these concepts and skills.


Effective Leadership in SchoolThe training aims to enable heads to improve their knowledge, skills, management techniques and the whole school climate.  This is a 20 hour workshop. School management at all levels must be provided guidance and practical advice on how to implement appropriate strategies to run effective teams and schools. The workshop aims to enable school managers to appreciate the value of understanding the process of change and dealing with issues and individuals in creative ways. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of how to use activities effectively, and how to handle the toughest individuals.  When combined with presentation skills participants will benefit from individual coaching to improve their specific challenges as heads and leaders.


Heads ManagementThe role of a manager/school head is to work in collaboration with his/her team to achieve the goals. This 10 hour workshop will help develop the head’s strategic leadership skills by introducing the ideas and exercises through a range of experiences. Members of this workshop will learn how to participate in the strategic planning process, in order to improve the implement ability of the plan, and make sure that everybody within the organisation has a clear understanding of the aims, or objectives, of that organisation, as well as awareness of their own roles and responsibilities in achieving those aims.


Leading ChangeThe purpose of this workshop is to enable administrative staff with an overview of ‘best practice’ change management methodologies, research, readings and guiding pro- formas. This workshop does not attempt to reproduce the many informative texts written on change management, transition and transformation. It however, identifies the differences between managing the process of change and leading people through transitions. It describes Kotter’s Eight-Stage Process for Creating Major Change. The training then goes on to explain the practical implementation of these methodologies through the project management approach and key factors for success.  It provides participants with an overview of the ‘nice to know’ theory and intermixes it with the ‘have to know’ practical tools and methodology in managing of leading change in a school setting.

Managing Human ResourcesThe members of this 10 hour workshop will learn to make an effective system for obtaining, mobilizing, and managing the organization’s human assets and creating an environment where the staff will be well informed about equity and diversity issues.

This workshop has two central themes:
(1) How to think systematically and strategically about aspects of managing the organization’s human assets,
(2) What really needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage through people. The intent of the workshop is both to impart knowledge as well as to stimulate discussion about the values and beliefs that stand in the way of implementing this knowledge.

Professionalism in the workplaceProfessionalism is a specific style of behaviour in the workplace. It is exhibited by individuals through their values and professional roles. Respect for self and for others, know-how, mature responsibility, problem solving, and perseverance are attributes of successful professionals.This 10 hour workshop will help professionals reflect on the unwritten rules for: Displaying the right attitude, Resolving conflict, Using a variety of approaches to manage people, Having a set of observable values and Adopting appropriate communication styles. Participants will define a professional, professionalism and professional ethics. Working in interactive ways they will understand the value of accepting personal responsibility and begin to develop their own personal professional attributes checklist.


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