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Teaching Teachers

Art and CraftThis practical workshop of 15 hours will develop in the Art teachers a better understanding of the disciplines, the elements and the principles of visual arts. Its aim is to motivate, and enhance creative thinking skills. Teachers will explore the value of pre organising and preparing arts and crafts activities; consider several ways to organise their classroom space; experience the use of media; begin to develop strategies to store and display materials and art work.  It will help them to understand the importance of efficient classroom management during art activities and understand the level of intervention and support required by the students in their art lessons.


AssessmentThis 10 hour workshop is about understanding the notion of assessment. Assessment is the act of evaluating, appraising, and/or estimating the features, qualities, performances, and needs of individuals in classroom settings. Participants will examine the idea that the ultimate purpose of assessment is to support and enhance student learning. This workshop will help teachers reflect of the fact that every student is a complex individual with a broad spectrum of abilities, skills, and knowledge. The workshop will help teachers focus on issues around fair assessments, formal, informal, standardised and non-standardised tests. Participants will know that assessment affects the life chances of students.


Disruptive Behaviour

This workshop will help teachers to consider strategies to promote an effective classroom environment, positive behaviours in their students and learn to organise space, time and materials for effective teaching and learning. Participants will differentiate between disruptive classroom behavior and behavior that is merely rude or uncivil. They will understand that verbal threats and physical assaults are not suitable strategies and will fail. Working in pairs and groups participants will investigate case studies and suggest possible appropriate courses of action using assertive discipline techniques.


Lesson Planning

This 5 hour workshop helps teachers understand that Lesson Planning is the most difficult, frustrating, tiring and vital part of effective teaching. It explores writing objectives; considers a lesson plan format with all the essential elements and the value of matching objectives to assessment. This workshop has a basic framework for a lesson plan; containing all the essential elements. It will help participants to know that without a lesson plan there can be no teaching and learning. The participants will work on a simple format and consider factors that make an effective plan. They will explore the value of writing SMART objectives. The participants will understand that lesson plans are based upon previous knowledge and cater to the age level of students. The workshop includes a segment on how to use motivational techniques and necessary materials.

Managing and Designing Resources

Teaching materials” is a generic term used to describe the resources teachers use to deliver instruction. The members of this 15 hour workshop will learn that teaching materials come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have in common the ability to support student learning.  This course will help them to create a learning environment that is more interactive, collaborative, with students involved in activity/task based learning.

The workshop will focus on Grant’s (1987) following principles for materials adaptation:

1) Making dialogues communicative

2) Making learning activities relevant and purposeful

3) Meeting your learners’ needs, both external and psychological

4) Useing models of real, authentic language

Motivating Learners”Research has shown that good everyday teaching practices can do more to counter student apathy than special efforts to attack motivation directly.”  From Barbara Gross Davis, in Ericksen, 1978. When instructors expect the best work from their students, research has shown that students generally rise to the task.  The members of this 15 hour workshop will understand that student motivation can greatly enhance the classroom experience and student performance by enhancing their need for self-determination and autonomy, and provide opportunities for choice and control. The teachers will learn that while exams and assignments should still be challenging, they should also offer students a reasonable chance for success.


Teaching MathematicsThis 5 hour workshop is about making teaching mathematics count. Learning mathematics is a process that requires active involvement. Participants will learn that mathematics cannot be learnt through lectures and rote memorization. Learners need hands-on and minds-on experience. Mathematics is best learned through activities that allow students to explore and understand the mathematics on their own. This is not possible unless teachers understand and practice active learning. This workshop will help teachers learn how to involve students in taking an active role in the learning of mathematics. Teachers will experience situations that allow meaningful engagement with the material. They will work in interactive settings to consider mathematical communication, problem solving, reasoning, connections, and representation going beyond the content itself.


Teaching ScienceChildren are naturally inquisitive and inclined to investigate how things work and what their composition is. The purpose of this 10 hour workshop is not only to help teachers understand how to teach science effectively but also to motivate and inspire students to appreciate science through an activity based approach. During this workshop the teachers will learn how to teach science and make it fun by using different techniques and aids.  They will have hands on experience on different ways to teach science in a more interactive way.



Teaching StrategiesIt’s now time to make choices about what teachers will have students do in their classes in order to learn the course content and to practice skills. What kinds of teaching strategies can be used in the classrooms that accomplish both course content goals and active engagement on the part of students? The answer to this and many related questions is in the 10 hour workshop on examining teaching strategies. This intervention will help participants consider and explore using role play, the jigsaw technique and the gallery walk. Participants will work out rules and steps to make their classrooms active, happy learning places. They will compare teaching strategies in which most students are active rather than passive in the classroom and in which the focus is less on the teacher presenting and more on the student learning.


Understanding Physical EducationIt is widely acknowledged that Physical Education (PE) can play a potentially important role in enhancing public health by creating positive attitudes toward exercise and by promoting health-related fitness programmes. This 15 hour workshop is designed for teachers who are timetabled to teach or support PE and for those who have had no formal training but wish to update their skills in this area. It will also be of benefit to contribute to the school’s extra-curricular provision. The members of this workshop will be able to build health and safety considerations in their lesson planning modifying and extending schemes of work to meet the needs of different learners and will learn a wide variety of activities that involve locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative skills, fitness concepts and fitness development exercises.

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